It´s Our Turn!


The goal of It’s Our Turn was to empower young women with and without refugee backgrounds concerning their social involvement and professional orientation.

Two workshops took place in Berlin from 14 – 19 October and from 04 – 09 November 2016 under the headline “Politics needs diversity. Politics needs you”.

For each workshop, 20 active young women from all over Germany had the opportunity to get to know the political landscape of Germany’s capital Berlin. Half of the workshop places were reserved for young women from refugee backgrounds: They had the chance to learn from and with each other and to exchange experiences. Furthermore, the young women learned to recognize and expand theirs strengths through different trainings. And we offered them the chance to accompany a member of the Bundestag during one typical work day and talk to politically active women regarding success factors of their careers. 

The German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) supports and funds the project. 

Mor information

Please find here the project flyer for further information.

Do not hesitate to contact our coordinator Jessica Gedamu for any further questions and information.

Jessica Gedamu | Project Coordinator "It's Our Turn!"
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